I am a visiting student at NTU and unfortunately I am here just for six months. During my stay I have seen different places and had great times in this country but on 10th of September I had a very different and interesting travel by Corporate Synergy Development Center that I will remember this forever. On that day we visited 3 different places.



1: Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum:


In the morning we went to Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum. It is in Keelung. This port was the main port in Taiwan in the past but from 2003 the official buildings changed to Museum. Now you can see the models of different ships that Taiwanese people made them for different purposes such as traditional ceremony, competition and journey in the past and in my opinion in this place you feel like you're watching history and culture of Taiwan.


We visited this place and also learned how to make a traditional doll that is used in parties for protecting themselves from mosquito. It was a very nice museum with very nice staffs. 



2: Meimen Center for Arts and Ethics:


This center has regimen vegetarian restaurant, Tea house, gallery and cultural performance and the aim of this center is to promote a holistic healthy lifestyle of the world to have a better and more peaceful world. They do a special exercise called Pingshuai. 


Ping Shuai Gong is one of the simple exercises. It comes from Master Feng-Shan Li, the founder of Mei-Men Qi-Gong Center, in Taiwan. Some cancer patients heal their body simply exercising the Ping Shuai Gong. Because of getting more witnesses, Ping Shuai Gong populates very quickly in Taiwan and then has extended to more than 44 countries today.


We just need to exercise 10 minutes at a time and 3 times a day, if we want to keep healthy. For people who want to recover from severe illness, then they need to increase to 30 minutes at a time. Ping Shuai Gong is very easy to learn. It doesn't need too much time a day. It's not difficult for people to persist in exercising the Ping Shuai Gong every day. When exercising Ping Shuai Gong, we need to pay attention on the body's balance with a smiling face. The upper body should maintain straight.


After swinging arms 4 times, then bend the knees and then spring up the knees. If you don't have healthy knees, then just bend little bit or sit on a bench or a chair. We need to swing arms softly and slowly to train our patience of the mind. After exercising, close eyes, take a deep breath and adjust it. Ping Shuai Gong is very simple in actions. But to train our mind to focus is a challenge.


You can learn it by watching this video:

We visited this center and learned how we can do Ping Shuai Gong properly. In this place you will feel calm. It was a wonderful experience.



3: Wang De Chuan Fine Chinese Tea:


Wang De Chuan is THE store of top quality teas in Taipei. This center was established in 1862 (during the reign of Emperor Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty). You can find top quality Chinese teas in there and learn to make tea with true method. 


I always liked to know how I can prepare tea in Chinese method fortunately I learned it in this place it was very interesting for me.

These teas are unique and have unique taste. I suggest you give it a try. I love it.



At the end,I would like to say a big thank to Corporate Synergy Development Center and everybody that made a beautiful and wonderful day for me.

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